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Beginning in 1997, with only twenty calves Ron Nance’s initial goal of creating a thriving buffalo operation has become a reality today with a thriving feeding operation and  gourmet meat business. Nance Ranches has featured up to 2,000 Buffalo roaming 5,500 acres of land. Ron Nance’s Comanche Buffalo Company won more categories than any other producer at the 2002 Oklahoma Bison Association’s Show and Sale earning Nance the designation of 2002 Oklahoma Bison Association breeder of the year. In 2003, Comanche Buffalo won six trophies at the Oklahoma Bison Association’s Show and Sale. Comanche Buffalo also won the Bronze Trophy at the National Bison Associations 2004 Gold Trophy Show and Sale held in Denver.

Nance has a history of service to his community of Lawton, which has a population of 100,000. He has served as a member of the Lawton City Council, Lawton Airport Authority, Director of the Lawton Board of Realtors, Second Vice President of the Lawton Home Builders Association, Past Board Member of the Oklahoma Bison Association, and Immediate Past President of the Oklahoma Bison Association. Nance has also served as a director for the National Bison Association representing a four state area including Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska.

While president of the Oklahoma Bison Association, Nance worked extensively with the Oklahoma State Senate, Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Oklahoma Department of Tourism and United States Department of Agriculture pursuing New Business Development and Marketing Grants. Nance is also working with the American Heart Association toward the certification of select cuts of meat. This certification will allow select cuts to carry the “Heart Healthy Seal”.

Nance’s professional background is in real estate. While attending college, Nance started selling real estate, quickly becoming the leading commercial real estate broker in Southwest Oklahoma. Continuing to work in the real estate industry as an investor and developer, Nance is developing over 100 homes a year in the executive homeowner market, beginning with raw agricultural land and finishing with a turn key product. Ron Nance’s The Oaks Development Company has approximately 1500 homes slated for future construction. Nance also owns and manages a high end office building and a myriad of other office, retail and warehouse properties.

Nance’s real estate clients have included many national and regional companies such as McDonalds, GMAC, Hardies, United Supermarkets, Food Lion, Kenney Shoes, IBC Bank, American Charter Savings and Loan of Nebraska, First Command, The Resolution Trust Corporation, The General Accounting Office and The United States Postal Service. The experience Nance gained working with corporate America has proved invaluable in his recent efforts to market buffalo meat to national supermarket chains.

In the early 1990’s the real estate industry was experiencing an extreme downturn with the prices of many properties selling for as little as 20% of their mid 1980’s values. Nance believed in the real estate industry and invested aggressively. As the real estate industry recovered, those investments paid big dividends. Today, Nance believes the Buffalo Industry is in a similar situation. Nance believes that if buffalo products are more widely available in national supermarkets then the consumer will be better educated and will have more exposure to the health and nutritional benefits of the product. As this trend continues to develop, the industry as a whole will not only recover, but also prosper, benefiting everyone. Nance’s strong commitment to the industry prompted the creation of Comanche Buffalo’s meat business. Since the beginning of 2003 Nance has committed much of his time and energy to building the meat business by introducing buffalo meat and products into new markets. Currently, Comanche Buffalo has a wide assortment of meat cuts and products in supermarkets and restaurants. Now, Nance’s efforts for the buffalo industry are beginning to pay off. Currently Nance has commitments from two national supermarket chains and a selection of gourmet restaurants to carry Comanche Buffalo’s Products.